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Movie Genre : Comedy, Family, Romance

Movie Summary : Routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother, the downtrodden Sam Montgomery is thrilled regarding the fear of arrangement her Internet fellow at the school’s Halloween dance.

At 8 days old, the blonde Samantha Montgomery mislaid her father to an earthquake, abandoning her to live inside an attic, minute her stepmother Fiona, also stepsisters, Gabriella also Brianna receive more than her life. With celebrated teenagers Austin Ames, Shleby Cummings, also their crew, subsequently her domicile family, the barely escapes she has are the Diner Staff, her supporter Carter, also an browse cyberspace buddy-Nomad. They both depart to North Valley High also fantasize of about to Princeton. They pass through a relationship that runs on finished book messages also emails. He eventually asks her to the Halloween dance, where they meet, also she finds out Austin is Nomad. Not knowing who his ‘Cinderella’ is, he runs on one among the ruggedest quests ever, because Sam’s friends encourage her to advice him. He finds out at a over demeaning pep rally that Cincerella is ‘Diner Girl’. She eventually tells off her steps, also she manages to advice off Austin. At the end, they theoretically land up dating, about to Princeton, also she finds her dad’s will, reviewing it foliage EVERYTHING to Sam. Happy Ever After? Who knows.

Sam Montgomery is a tomboyish, unpopular missy at school. She has been book messaging a a superstar described Nomad for the purpose that some months plus he asks her to link up him at the Halloween dance at 11:00 amid the dance floor. The solitary crisis is, she must acquire get any individual out of a tight spot to the diner, looked after by her wicked Stepmom Fiona by 12 harsh since she is not speculated to troth there. Before Nomad may perhaps realized who she is, she must withdraw and her finest friend, Carter injecting her get any individual out of a tight spot to the diner. After that night, the entirety inside Sam’s survival play wacko!

A Cinderella yarn is as points to a babe Sam Montgomery who is not as a result well-known at her exorbitant school. After her fathers loss also not producing a will disappeared to her, her evil step mamma gets the finish thing that her father disappeared in the back of also stamps Sam do the finish thing at her dad’s diner. At her family she is evaded by the well-known wedged conscious girls, the bedrock lone human being Shelby Cummings, a incredibly wealthy, spoiled person. Austin Ames also Sam interact in addition to self done emails also work messages not knowing who self is. They conceive to link up at the family dance on the dance floor at 11 o’clock on the peculiar hand their stretch united is restrain as Sam has to race second to the diner. As she is going out she foliage her portable in the back of in addition to Austin encountering it. to this Austin seeks to resolve who Cinderella is also Sam is fearful that if he finds out who she in truth is he may possibly not crave what to do in addition to her. also may possibly yet fail to remember as points to their on pouring relationship.

Movie Cast : : , Hilary Duff as Sam Montgomery , Jennifer Coolidge as Fiona , Chad Michael Murray as Austin Ames , Dan Byrd as Carter Farrell , Regina King as Rhonda , Julie Gonzalo as Shelby Cummings , Lin Shaye as Mrs. Wells , Madeline Zima as Brianna , Andrea Avery as Gabriella , Mary Pat Gleason as Eleanor , Paul Rodriguez as Bobby , Whip Hubley as Hal Montgomery , Kevin Kilner as Andy Ames , Erica Hubbard as Madison , Simon Helberg as Terry Anderson

Movie Description : Routinely exploited by her wicked stepmother, the downtrodden Sam Montgomery is agitated close to the expectation of briefing her Internet dandy at the school’s Halloween dance.

Movie Lenght : 95 min

Country : USA | Canada

Language : English | German | Czech

Company : Warner Bros. Pictures