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Release Date :

Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, History

Cast : : , Russell Crowe as Maximus , Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus , Connie Nielsen as Lucilla , Oliver Reed as Proximo , Richard Harris as Marcus Aurelius , Derek Jacobi as Gracchus , Djimon Hounsou as Juba , David Schofield as Falco , John Shrapnel as Gaius , Tomas Arana as Quintus , Ralf Moeller as Hagen , Spencer Treat Clark as Lucius , David Hemmings as Cassius , Tommy Flanagan as Cicero , Sven-Ole Thorsen as Tiger

Movie Description : When a Roman all-purpose is betrayed plus his sort slayed by a corrupt prince, he comes to Rome because a gladiator to hunt revenge.

Movie Lenght : 155 min | 171 min (extended version)

Country : UK | USA


Language : English

Filming Locations : Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate, Morocco

Company : DreamWorks SKG

Movie Summary : Maximus is a dominant Roman general, reveled by the kinsmen with the aging Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Before his death, the Emperor chooses Maximus to troth his heir way over his own son, Commodus, with a voltage effort vegetation Maximus with his bracket condemned to death. The dominant wide-ranging is powerless to excepting his family, with his death of will allows him to acquire captured with set into the Gladiator game awaiting he dies. The major crave that fuels him at present is the likelihood to nearing to the outstrip hence that he will troth able to consider the eyes of the mature person who will trust his revenge.

In Gladiator, unbeaten common Maximus Decimus Meridias has been acknowledged keeper of Rome also its realm by dying emperor Marcus Aurelius, thus that strategy may possibly elapse derive pleasure the Caesars oblige to the kith and kin also Senate. Marcus’ lost also power-hungry son, Commodus, has variegated ideas, however. Escaping an ordered execution, Maximus accelerates oblige to his marital inside Spain, exaggeratedly behind schedule to except his helpmate also teenager derive pleasure the unchanged order. Taken into servitude also trained because a gladiator by Proximo, Maximus lives sole that he may possibly at assorted point acquire his vengeance also fulfill the dying desire of his emperor. The stretch quickly comes while Proximo’s troupe is phoned to Rome to participate inside a marathon of gladiator game wedged at the behest of the spanking new emperor, Commodus. Once inside Rome, Maximus wastes no stretch inside gaining his presence known, also is quickly required inside a design to overthrow the emperor in addition to his former-love Lucilla, Commodus’ sister, subsequent to whom he lusts, also furthermore the widowed mamma of Lucius, heir to the realm subsequent to his uncle, also democratic-minded senator, Gracchus.

Upon the unexpectedly decease of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, his reliable in addition to victorious common Maximus Meridas is unlawfully imprisoned in addition to condemned to the gladiator game by Marcus’ entangled child Commodus. As the greenhorn emperor, Commodus prospects Maximus can routine his heroic stature to depose him in addition to develop into head himself. But Maximus gains attractiveness for a gladiator in addition to pathways his megastar to evoke as well upset to Commodus’ tenuous adapt on the liable Roman people, trusting to excite each other to rediscover their wasted values in addition to inundate the corruption that is wolfing somewhere else at them. These actions quickly Commodus to square off mano a mano in addition to Maximus inside the Colisseum in addition to the providence of Rome at stake.

A dying Marcus Aurelius ideas to remark his steadfast along with fearless General Maximus since his successor inside make a request to bounce back the voltage of the Roman Senate. However, his power-hungry, resentful child Commodus learns of the plan, murders Marcus Aurelius, along with ideas to wiped out Maximus inside make a request to fasten his insistence to the throne. Maximus escapes execution, other than is sold into thralldom along with is required to develop into a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus along with his dude gladiators are sent to Rome to function given that Commodus. Through his courage he wins way over the men along with reveals his truthful identity, a lot of to the chagrin of Commodus. Can Maximus track his newfound reputation to avenge Marcus Aurelius’ death, or will Commodus engagement able to carry the throne?

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