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Movie Genre : Adventure, Comedy

Movie Summary : Harold Lee with Kumar Patel are two stoners who wind up reaching the munchies. What they desire the some following envisioning a TV advertisement, is a misstep to White Castle. So savours here, follows an interval since the burgers they require. On their street they will stumble upon variant obstacles plus a raccoon, a racist officer, with a horny Neil Patrick Harris.

Harold Lee plus Kumar Patel are second-generation Americans of Oriental plus Asian descent respectively. While Harold is working for a Stock Analyst, Kumar is a healing student. Harold is the simple plus crystalline being moment Kumar is the accurate opposite. Harold is inside affection also his neighbor, Maria, of Hispanic descent, excluding has not advised her yet. One evening the twosome conceive to troth stoned excluding Harold’s Caucasian co-workers wind up saddling him also their work. Kumar convinces Harold to do this execute later on plus mutually they decide to slow down at their apartment. After gazing TV since sometime the twosome picture a White Castle commercial, plus commit to assure their appetite also burgers. They collection near to this face wide awake to excluding verify that White Castle has re-located. In the routine Harold gets bitten by an animal plus finally ends up inside hospital; following human being discharged their automobile breaks sip plus Randy fixes it plus furthermore invites them, though inside vain, to acquire in depth information about also his sweet wife, Liane; they acquire a hitch-hiker, none except Neil Patrick Harris, plus as soon as they bring to a close at a Gas Store, they are fraught by Caucasian/skinhead males, who furthermore assault plus mar the store; as soon as the twosome go back they size up that Neil plus Harold’s automobile is missing; moment jay crossing Harold gets arrested by a Caucasian Police Officer, who certainly take enjoyable in to want on noticeable minorities, holds Harold inside a shelter also an added African-American male; Kumar helps Harold flee plus both stream to hide inside the bush – plus draw close personally also a cheetah. Will the hapless twosome wind up human being a meal (instead of downing solitary themselves), plus if not, their exploit will to a higher degree potential homestead one another inside also supplementary warm hose down – principally as soon as the Police question an APB plus a hand-drawn comic strip since these vastly noticeable escapees.

Harold along with Kumar, two stoner roommates who corresponding to to dig up high, finish up evoking the cravings given that White Castle burgers succeeding envisioning a TV commercial. However, progressing to White Castle proves a large amount of stiffer than these two still imagined. On their way, a lot of subjects looked as if it would cut off their journey, coupled with a raccoon that bites Harold, Neil Patrick Harris, along with Kumar getting into detention center due to a racist monitor officer.

Movie Cast : : , John Cho as Harold Lee , Ethan Embry as Billy Carver , Robert Tinkler as J.D. , Fred Willard as Dr. Willoughby , Kal Penn as Kumar Patel , Steve Braun as Cole , Dan Bochart as Extreme Sports Punk #1 , Paula Garcés as Maria (as Paula Garcès) , Mike Sheer as 'I'm So High' Kid , Christopher Thompson as 'Don't You Wanna Be Cool' Kid , David Krumholtz as Goldstein , Eddie Kaye Thomas as Rosenberg , Angelo Tsarouchas as Mean Tollbooth Guy (as Angelo Tsachouras) , Anthony Anderson as Burger Shack Employee , Siu Ta as Cindy Kim

Movie Description : Harold Lee with Kumar Patel are two stoners who finally consummate up reaching the munchies. What they desire the more behind viewing a TV advertisement… See more » |

Movie Lenght : 88 min

Country : USA | Canada | Germany

Language : English | Hindi

Company : Endgame Entertainment