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Movie Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

Movie Summary : Lemony Snicket narrates the happenings of petty teenagers Baudelaire that lately taste been orphan subsequent to someone burnt its simple mansion, heirs of a vast fortune, without notice its lives are wrapped inside somber hazard because of the Count’s greed who seeks by everything doable means, to hold the vast inheritance. The teenagers fade this fashion to fall not wakeful to the custody of kindred fishes out of water nuclear family who are someone eliminated by the evil Count Olaf.</p>

Violet, Klaus furthermore Sunny Baudelaire are three clever small adolescents who take inexcusable news broadcast that their parents labor under passed on to the not bad beyond inside a fire furthermore labor under disappeared each other a colossal lot not to troth hand-me-down awaiting the eldest teen is of age. When they are sent to live along furthermore Count Olaf, a voracious secluded relative, they rapidly find out he is aiming to sneak their lot because himself.

This is the chronicle of the Bauedelaires, three youthful orphans, Violet, Klaus in addition to Sunny, seeking since one more home, who are accepted inside by a concatenation of extraordinary nuclear family in addition to esoteric people, plus Lemony Snicket, who narrates the film, in addition to initiating also the wily in addition to dastardly Count Olaf, who hopes to seize their inheritance indulge in them. Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaires at 14, in addition to is their courageous in addition to fast-thinking leader. The exclusively boy is core youngster Klaus, 12, who is intensely intellectual in addition to enthusiastic about words. The adolescent is child Sunny, who speaks inside a terms exclusively her siblings might understand, in addition to she has a trend to, bite…

After the lethal demise of their parents, Violet, Klaus, also Sunny Baudelaire voyage take pleasurable in guardian to guardian by a first-class comrade of their parents, Mr. Poe. The orphans stay and herpetologist Montgomery Montgomery also grammar-wise Josephine Anwhistle, excluding the foulest solitary was Count Olaf, an evil also unquenchable man, who, and the be a tower of force to of his assistants, the bald man, the hook-handed man, the being of indeterminable gender, also the two white-faced women, struggles to tiptoe the Baudelaire fortune. To do this, he disguises himself inside the styles of assistant, Stephano, also transport captain, Julio Sham.

Movie Cast : : , Jim Carrey as Count Olaf , Liam Aiken as Klaus , Emily Browning as Violet , Kara Hoffman as Sunny , Shelby Hoffman as Sunny , Jude Law as Lemony Snicket (voice) , Timothy Spall as Mr. Poe , Catherine O'Hara as Justice Strauss , Billy Connolly as Uncle Monty , Meryl Streep as Aunt Josephine , Luis Guzmán as Bald Man (as Luis Guzman) , Jamie Harris as Hook-Handed Man , Craig Ferguson as Person of Indeterminate Gender , Jennifer Coolidge as White Faced Woman , Jane Adams as White Faced Woman

Movie Description : Three prosperous children’s parents are murdered inside a fire. When they are sent to a remote off relative, they establish that he is plotting to destroy each other in addition to grab their fortune.

Movie Lenght : 108 min

Country : USA | Germany

Language : English

Company : Paramount Pictures