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Movie Genre : Action, Adventure, Horror

Movie Summary : Decades subsequent to a rock church inside communist Rumania’s Carpathians caved whilst an excursion caused a landslide along with buried everyone, Dr. Nicolai’s scientific squad searching the interrelated Templar Knights junky fighting-legend discovers a deep, flooded cave technique along with hires the brothers Jack along with Tyler’s great divers squad to investigate it. Another boost traps them, subsequent to detecting a tricky parasite revolving the entirety group carnivore, along with afterward an independently evolved predator species. Jack may perhaps troth infected along with turning, other than Tyler sticks in addition to him, therefore the range splits, explored by the monsters, which as well fly.

A collection of cave-divers plus scientists cross-check a recently rated cave method inside Romania. However, rockfall blocks the portal plus subsequent to delving also into the cave, the collection determine a group of catastrophic creatures are blockage for the ground that them. With their head Jack stimulating exceptionally quirky side-effects plus as well as their numbers dropping, the collection must delve yet also into the cave, attempt the creatures plus anticipate for the ground that an exit.

Thirty time ago, inside the Carpathians Mountains of Romania, a model of explorers blows a door to a cave quiet not conscious to a church, other than the outbreak causes a landslide furthermore they transform held inside. In the bestow days, the day trip leaded by Dr. Nicolai furthermore his assistant, Dr. Kathryn are hunting the site furthermore they look on the get honest of doorway to completed an underwater river, soliciting for the capable cave divers players leaded by Jack. Dr. Nicolai discovers that, inside concord along furthermore the local legend, the church was launched to seal the cave because a exhibit of God’s protective power, furthermore that Templar Knights appeared the cave to clash winged demons. When the range reaches a cave even if a tunnel lone mile under furthermore three miles in, a person attacks one among the members furthermore his alive machine explodes, crumpling the tunnel furthermore trapping the range inside the cave. Soon they understand that they are the rescue players furthermore they got to look on an entry to continue to exist take fun in the battle of the monsters.

Movie Cast : (Complete credited cast) , Cole Hauser as Jack McAllister , Eddie Cibrian as Tyler McAllister , Morris Chestnut as Top Buchanan , Lena Headey as Dr. Kathryn Jennings , Piper Perabo as Charlie , Rick Ravanello as Briggs , Daniel Dae Kim as Alex Kim , Kieran Darcy-Smith as Strode , Marcel Iures as Dr. Nicolai , Vlad Radescu as Dr. Bacovia , Simon Kunz as Mike – Caver #1 , David Kennedy as Ian – Caver #2 , Alin Panc as Razvan – Caver #3 , Zoltan Butuc as Corvin – Caver #4 , Brian Steele as Creature Performer

Movie Description : Bloodthirsty creatures expect a horde of divers who turn into wedged inside an underwater cave network.

Movie Lenght : 97 min | Germany:93 min (DVD version)

Country : USA | Germany

Language : English | Romanian

Company : Screen Gems